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VJC Publications offers outstanding big band and combo music, providing fresh, unique, and exciting repertoire to educators, ensemble directors, and professional musicians.

VJC Publications has committed to annual releases of flexible instrumentation jazz ensemble charts. Our choice to focus on flex. charts (mostly written for JHS and HS big bands) is primarily driven by the impact of the global health crisis on music education programs across the United States and beyond. VJC Publications flex. charts for jazz ensemble have been conceived and crafted to work well—and sound complete—with as few as 11 pieces or as many as the full complement of 18 performers. Please note that nearly all of our audio samples of these flex. pieces include only the minimum instrumentation (11 musicians) to highlight their tremendous utility to band directors who may face different levels of "completeness" within their jazz ensembles from year to year.

We plan to release between 10 and 12 "flex." pieces annually for the next few years. (From time to time, we will also release some more traditional charts, scored and intended for full jazz ensemble.) The initial wave of flex. big band charts was released in July 2022, featuring compositions and/or arrangements by writers including George Darrah, Billy Petito, Dave Rivello, Jueun Seok, Russell Schmidt, Tom Wolfe, and David Yackley. Future releases will including music from Tom Davis and other wonderfully creative artists, each with a distinctive musical voice.

Click on the Flex. Big Band Music filter below (in the left column) to see our newest offerings. And please note that all VJC Publications purchases are provided as downloadable .pdf files.

While international customers must contact us to receive a shipping quote prior to placing an order for apparel or recordings, VJC Publications are delivered digitally (as .pdf files). As such, there are no shipping charges for these products.

Proceeds from VJC Publications sales go to support Valley Jazz Cooperative programs and activities.

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