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young people holding the world
Reaching Our Community

In developing the Valley Jazz Cooperative, there has been a strong sense that service to others should guide many of the choices we make. In fact, that’s one reason why Valley Jazz Cooperative ensembles are offered free of charge to participants. But beyond the educational needs of young musicians, there are other individuals and groups who could use even more meaningful assistance, both those within our community and from elsewhere.

Through its ongoing partnerships with area outreach and charitable organizations, MSW Ministries (the parent organization to the Valley Jazz Cooperative), offers assistance, guidance, and encouragement to individuals in great need. If you have interest in exploring collaborative opportunities with VJC that can help enrich the lives of people in our own community or elsewhere, please contact Russell Schmidt. Whether it be through a benefit concert, coordinated school service projects, or some other venture, the VJC is listening. And we hope to make our corner of the world a better place, through education, through music, and through service to our community.

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