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Russ with Victoria and Toby for VJC webs

Valley Jazz Cooperative faculty are available to offer private lessons to individual students. Our experienced team of artist-teachers can help music students achieve even greater success in their development. VJC teachers strive to meet each person at their current level of mastery and will tailor one-on-one sessions to address the needs of each individual.


For young musicians eager to work with a private teacher whose primary instrument is not found in the VJC faculty line-up, we can provide recommendations for other outstanding instructors who can meet those students’ needs. Please contact Russell Schmidt for more information about private lessons.


In addition to lessons, the Valley Jazz Cooperative is available to support the efforts of jazz band directors and their high school programs through workshops and clinics. Members of our team can work with your groups on various topics including improvisation, stylistic performance practices (i.e., ensemble phrasing and articulation), rhythm section techniques, and other subjects. Our goal is to support your educational efforts with these students, to assist you through the presentation of additional jazz instruction.


Getting help and support from outside sources can be tremendous asset. Given the Valley Jazz Cooperative’s deep connection to Music Serving the Word, teachers can rest assured that any rehearsal critique or workshop comment will be offered with a generous and respectful spirit, appreciating the substantial work done by student and teacher alike prior to the VJC’s arrival in your band room. Please contact the Director of the Valley Jazz Cooperative, Russell Schmidt to explore possible workshop and clinic opportunities.

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