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I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go (VJCP103-MP)

comp. by Carrie E. Rounsefell

(hymn text alternately attributed to Mary Brown and Charles H. Gabriel)

arr. by Russell Schmidt 

$15.00 (USD)


This product is available for download (in .pdf format) immediately after purchase. Please note that once payment for any VJC Publication download is received and the transaction completed, no refund or cancellation is possible.


VJCP103-MP – Combo MultiPack, which includes both of the following:

  • VJCP103-I-4 – Quartet version for Tenor Sax, Piano, Bass & Drums (with alternate horn parts provided for Tenor Sax)
  • VJCP103-I-6 – Sextet version for Tenor Sax, Flugelhorn (opt. Trumpet), Trombone, Piano, Bass & Drums (plus Transposed Score)


Description: Composed in 1899 by traveling evangelist Carrie Rounsefell, purportedly on her zither, I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go has been a beloved anthem for more than a century. Arranger Russell Schmidt recorded a sextet version of I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go on his 2018 release Jazz Triptych, Volume I: The Sacred (MSW 2021), recasting the piece with a Kenny Wheeler/ECM-influenced language. 


With VJCP103-MP, you will receive both the original sextet version (VJCP103-I-6) and a quartet edition (VJCP103-I-4), featuring tenor sax with the rhythm section. In the sextet version, the melody is carefully orchestrated to move around the front line, with all three horns taking the lead at various moments. For the quartet edition, alternate horn parts have been included, allowing alto sax, flugelhorn/trumpet, or trombone to replace the tenor sax. 


Both versions can be performed with guitar and/or piano, along with bass and drums, as the rhythm section. So the terms quartet version and sextet version may need clarification: quartet version indicates one horn with rhythm section, while sextet version means three horns with rhythm section.


This combo arrangement is of intermediate-to-advanced difficulty.


While an excerpted audio sample is provided here at the VJC Store, complete recordings of many VJC Publications (including this one) can be found on YouTube HERE. And hear more from this pianist/composer/arranger be visiting Russell Schmidt's YouTube page.


Please note: The VJC will never pursue payment of synchroni­zation rights from middle schools, junior high schools, high schools, community colleges, universities, all-state ensembles, church groups, or independent edu­cational programs for young people related to the posting of recorded performan­ces of this work on YouTube or other, similar sites (including social media platforms). While sharing the .pdf files is not permitted, sharing your musical performance online is.


All proceeds from sales of VJC Publications go directly to fund the educational programs of the Valley Jazz Cooperative.

I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go

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    For any invoice-based transactions (required by district purchasing policies), please contact Russell Schmidt directly.

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