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Provided below are various forms related to student participation in the Valley Jazz Cooperative. To open any of these forms in your web browser, simply click the corresponding document icon.

PLEASE NOTE: Only .pdf format documents are available on this web page. If you are a student musician (or the  parent/guardian of one) looking for the form to APPLY to the VJC, you will not find that here. Application to the VJC is done completely online, accomplished using a form with fillable fields. To find that online form, click

VJC Consent/Waiver Form

Required to be completed by any student participating in Valley Jazz Cooperative activities, whether in-person instruction or online (as with virtual ensembles). This document must be signed by a parent or guardian, unless the student participant is 18 years of age or older, in which case the student may sign for themselves (along with submitting proof of age).

VJC Instrument Sign-Out Form

Required to be completed by any VJC student participant hoping to gain extended access to a VJC-owned instrument for use outside of the RAVENSCROFT facility. This document must be signed by a parent or guardian, regardless of the student’s age. It also requires a commitment to providing insurance for the instrument while under the student’s control.

VJC Scholarship Application Form (HS Seniors only)

Required for any current or former VJC participant to apply for the Valley Jazz Cooperative Scholarship Program. The VJCSP is designed to recognize outstanding high school seniors, in support of their post-secondary education. To learn more about the Valley Jazz Cooperative Scholarship Program, click HERE.

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