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Framer of Thy Song (VJCP512-FBB)

comp. & arr. by Russell Schmidt

$40.00 (USD)


This product is available for download (in .pdf format) immediately after purchase. Please note that once payment for any VJC Publication download is received and the transaction completed, no refund or cancellation is possible.


VJCP512-FBB – Flexible Instrumentation Jazz Ensemble Chart, which has been written to sound complete with as few as 11 pieces or as many as a full (18-piece) big band. The instrumentation is as follows:


Alto Sax I, Alto Sax II, Tenor Sax I, Tenor Sax II (opt.), Baritone Sax (opt.)

Trumpet I, Trumpet II, Trumpet III, Trumpet IV (opt.)

Trombone I, Trombone II, Trombone III (opt.), Bass Trombone (IV) (opt.)

Guitar (opt.), Piano, Bass, Drums, Vibraphone (opt.)


Description: Framer of Thy Song is a big band chart with a unique character: its funky, Bossa Nova groove helps create a mood that is at once simmering and spirited. The Head In prominently features Alto Sax I and Trumpet II stat­ing the melody in unison. After that, there is solo space for those same two performers (including some trading). Following the solos, a contrapuntal interlude gives way to a tutti ensemble passage that sets up the Head Out. Over­all, this chart makes for a fantastic “closer” at festival appearances and school concerts.


Framer of Thy Song is perhaps the first contrafact Russell Schmidt composed for Valley Jazz Cooperative students. It is written on the chord progression to Horace Silver’s enduring classic Song For My Father. (And the title Framer of Thy Song is in fact an anagram of the title of the Silver composition.)


This big band arrangement is of intermediate difficulty.


While an excerpted audio sample is provided here at the VJC Store, complete recordings of many VJC Publications (including this one) can be found on the VJC YouTube page.


Please note: The VJC will never pursue payment of synchroni­zation rights from middle schools, junior high schools, high schools, community colleges, universities, all-state ensembles, church groups, or independent edu­cational programs for young people related to the posting of recorded performan­ces of this work on YouTube or other, similar sites (including social media platforms). While sharing the .pdf files is not permitted, sharing your musical performance online is.


All proceeds from sales of VJC Publications go directly to fund the educational programs of the Valley Jazz Cooperative.

Framer of Thy Song

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