VJC combo program auditions are held each year in late August to early September. VJC big band auditions are held each year in late November to early December, after marching band season concludes. While students are welcome to apply to the VJC at any time---as to participate in activities such as "The Hang"---those two windows are the only open audition periods each year.


If circumstances require additional, targeted auditions (i.e., for performers on a particular instrument), announcements for such special auditions will be found on this page.


Any student interested in joining a VJC ensemble during a regularly-scheduled audition cycle should complete an online application form. Within a day or two of completing the application, the student will receive an email, requesting information on student availability for scheduled audition dates. Please note that hearing a student play in-person on a scheduled audition date is always the preferred option for evaluation. For every student able to audition this way, an individual time slot will be scheduled and assigned. The student will then receive a follow-up email, notifying them of their scheduled audition time.


Student auditions take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Students do not need to remain available for the duration of any scheduled audition date, but are instead free to leave after the completion of their audition.


While it is preferable to hear each student play on an audition date at the intended sites (GCC and MCC), other options are possible. For instance, the VJC Director can work with area band directors to hold individual auditions (for a larger number of students) at a local high school or junior high school. Under special circumstances---such as when a student already known to the VJC Director has conflicts with all audition dates/possibilities---a FaceTime audition may suffice.


If you have conflicts with all posted audition dates, please contact VJC Director Russell Schmidt to see if any alternative options are available to you.



Or contact the
VJC for more information @




Auditions to be held at

Glendale Community College

Music Building (MU-2)

6000 W. Olive Ave.

Glendale, AZ 85302


Visit the Valley Jazz home page for specific audition dates and times.


Auditions to be held at

Mesa Community College

Performing Arts Center

1520 S. Longmore

Mesa, AZ 85202


Visit the Valley Jazz home page for specific audition dates and times.


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