Through its various programs throughout Phoenix and online, the Valley Jazz Cooperative provides music students a uniquely valuable educational experience, combining:


  • jazz combo and big band performance opportunities, with 

  • instruction in jazz history, improvisation, and theory.


Additionally, the VJC has programs that offer instrument rental assistance to qualified new music students and college scholarship opportunities for VJC alums. And there are other resources, such as free educational downloads, a YouTube channel with performances and tutorials, the VJC Facebook page with extensive photo galleries, the VJC Q&T podcast, and an online store offering apparel, music publications, and recordings.

UPDATE: While the East and West VJC programs will not be moving forward in person during the pandemic, there are many VJC Online offerings to choose from. To explore all the options, please click here.

Explore your gifts. Find your passion.
Upcoming Events

Due to the ongoing public health emergency, all "in-person" VJC activities (rehearsals and performances) are cancelled for the remainder of the year. We are proceeding with various VJC Online programs—Special Topics classes and Virtual Ensembles—through December 2020.

Upcoming Auditions

Please check the VJC Online page for info on how to enroll in a Special Topics class. (Students are welcome to join theory/improvisation or history classes in mid-term.) However, with the possible exception of piano, no applications are currently being accepted for Virtual Ensembles.

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VJC Q&T Podcast

A Statement from Russell Schmidt, Director

As one who truly loves teaching, I feel privileged to serve young people, offering them guidance and instruction as they develop their limitless potential as creative artists in the Valley Jazz Cooperative. As I noted when we first launched the VJC, the word “cooperative” was chosen with great intent, after much deliberation. One of our foundational goals is to serve young people in ways that support the outstanding instruction already being offered in so many different corners of Phoenix. We are grateful for the collaborative support of band directors, private music instructors, and (of course) parents, for helping us build a musical and educational community in the VJC that will provide a positive impact in the lives of these students for years to come.


I am deeply grateful to my Music Serving the Word family for their faith in the VJC. This wonderfully vibrant educational initiative would not exist without MSW support. And I am thankful to Paul Brewer (MCC) and Dave Schmidt (GCC) for their partnership in hosting the initial VJC programs. Their support has allowed the VJC to grow exponentially in a very short time.


Finally, to prospective students, I want you to know the VJC is an exceptional place to explore your gifts and find your passion. We hope you will come join us online in 2020 and in person in 2021!


Russell Schmidt — ​Director, Valley Jazz Cooperative


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