Program Information & Application Form

The Valley Jazz Cooperative is returning with in-person instruction immediately after Thanksgiving, offering educational programs at the new Ravenscroft facility in Scottsdale. All programs are offered free of charge to committed, eligible area music students (in grades 8 thru 12).

After reading the overview of current VJC @ RAVENSCROFT plans immediately below, please fill out the online application at the bottom of the page. And if you have additional questions about the program, please contact the VJC Director. Thank you.


1) VJC Jazz Ensembles – Our large ensemble program will be back, running from December 2021 through May 2022. We hope to return with two big bands, though one of them may end up as a “little big band” or even an expanded combo (such as an octet), based on the degree of student interest.


Our large ensembles will rehearse on Tuesday and/or Thursday evenings (7:00 to 8:30 p.m.). The Indigo Ensemble will rehearse on Tuesdays, beginning on December 14th. The Sapphire Ensemble will rehearse on Thursdays, starting on December 16th. If someone wants to be in both the Indigo and Sapphire Ensembles and can attend two large ensemble rehearsals each week, they may do so, so long as such involvement doesn’t keep some other eligible student from participating.


Students interested in participating in VJC ensembles will need to play an audition, which will be scheduled after an online application has been completed and received.


2) VJC Combos – Once the larger ensembles are up and running, we are very open to adding one or two combos which could rehearse from January through May 2022. These would meet during an earlier time slot on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays (5:00 to 6:20 p.m.).


More details will be provided on this possibility in mid-to-late December 2021, once the other two VJC ensembles are up and running.


Final thoughts...Regarding the online application form below, please go ahead and toggle every option you might be considering. We would rather know up front that you are free on both Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 p.m., even if you only wish to play in one group. So in the “Additional comments” field, please clarify your actual interest. You could write something like one of the responses shown below:


I've toggled all four boxes, but would only be interested in driving to Ravenscroft on Tuesdays OR Thursdays. I am free both days after school, but I’d only like to be placed in two groups that meet on the same day.


I've toggled both of the later groups (Indigo and Sapphire), and I am free on both those evenings, but I only wish to be placed in one group.


I've toggled everything and hope to be placed in a couple of groups. I have listed multiple instruments and would ideally want to play saxophone in one group and guitar in another.


Thanks for helping us better understand your level of interest and availability!


Interested in joining the VJC? Please fill out the application form below, confirming your interest and commitment to participate. Within a day or two of applying, you should receive an email response, providing pertinent follow-up information.