General Information

Valley Jazz Cooperative programs integrate an ensemble experience with valuable instruction on related topics including improvisation, theory, and jazz history. They are open to music students currently enrolled in 8th through 12th grades. While any such student is welcome to attend VJC clinics and instructional sessions such as  "The Hang"  (usually held after rehearsals), it is important to understand that participation in a VJC ensemble is earned through audition. 


To participate in either the East VJC or the West VJC, one must apply online, then audition as detailed below.


  1. Application Start Here! Students should complete the online application form, confirming their intention to audition with the VJC.

  2. Audition Scheduling – Here you will find information about when and where auditions are held and how to schedule a 10-minute audition to participate in a VJC ensemble.

    VJC combo program auditions are held each year around late August/early September. VJC big band auditions are held each year around late November/early December, after marching band season concludes. While students are welcome to apply to the VJC at any time---as to participate in activities such as "The Hang"---those two windows are the only open audition periods each year.

  3. Audition Materials – This page features .pdf files (one for each combo or jazz ensemble instrument) for students to DOWNLOAD and practice in advance of their audition.

    Students playing the saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, piano, bass, and drums are welcome to apply and audition. In some cases, other instruments (such as vibraphone or French horn) may be considered; however, such possibilities must be explored with the VJC Director prior to submitting an application.



Interested in joining a VJC ensemble? Please fill out the online form below, confirming your interest and your intent to audition. After completing the form, you will receive a follow-up email providing details about the audition-scheduling process. Thank you!


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